Benefits Of Sattu

The Magadh Area of Bihar is where Sattu originated. The method of making sattu is age-old and well-known throughout most of Northern India, especially in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Furthermore well-known in Telugu, Sattu is prepared for Batukamma as prasadam or Nivedyam. In Magadh, one beverage made from sattu is known as “sattu ghol.”

Regional cuisine uses sati to varied degrees. The usage of sattu is widespread in several meals in Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and Uttar Pradesh. In Bihar, it is frequently served cold as a tasty summertime beverage, as a porridge, or as soft dough. Sattu is combined with fruit slices, sugar, and milk in sweet meals. Sattu can be seasoned with green chilli, lemon juice, and salt in savoury recipes. It is a preferred filling for parathas. In Bihar, sattu is made with either toasted gram flour, toasted barley, or a combination of the two. The traditional Bihari dish litti uses sattu as a filling, along with some spices and some mustard oil.

To counteract the effects of heat and dehydration, it is consumed as a cold beverage in Punjab. To prepare it traditionally, combine it with water and shakker (Hindi) (jaggery). Here, sattu is made from a mixture of toasted, ground barley, however certain varieties also call for the grinding of roasted grains.

It is also known as chhatua and is a common breakfast in Odisha. Even yet, there are numerous ways to prepare chhatua, sometimes referred to as sattu. Typically, it is combined with milk, yoghurt, ripe bananas, cottage cheese (chenna), or milk.

You may also make sattu from ground barley by combining it with salt and turmeric and forming it into balls. Alternatives include the usage of millet and corn grains.


Bengal gramme is pounded coarsely to make sattu. The Bengal gramme is manufactured by dry roasting it in the sand and then powdering it. Chickpeas are frequently added to Bengal gramme to produce sattu in order to give it more flavour.

The protein-rich flour known as Sattu has cooling characteristics that make it a fantastic summer beverage. It is now well-known in India as a superfood with numerous health advantages and is frequently referred to as the energy’s powerhouse.

Sattu Benefits

Are you curious about the health benefits of Sattu? This is a response outlining the majority of sattu’s health advantages.

1) Sattu for Weight loss

  • Is sattu helpful for losing weight? It is, indeed. Having sattu on an empty stomach will assist fat loss. It lessens bloating, which raises metabolism and encourages healthy weight loss. Sattu is a great food option for weight loss because it is low in calories and high in fibre.The consumption of sattu sherbet or sattu drink can be as wholesome, full, and refreshing as a protein shake.

2) Keeps your Body cool

  • Sattu sherbet will satisfy your thirst when you are feeling dull, lethargic, and low on energy as a result of the summer’s intense heat. Because to the abundant amounts of minerals, carbohydrates, fibre, etc., it replenishes your energy levels.

3) Great for Digestion

  • By cleaning out the colon and reducing problems like blockage, edoema, and acidity, sattu, which is high in insoluble fibre, helps the gut. Moreover, it soothes stomach irritation and burning sensations.

4) Good for the Skin

  • Sattu consumption regularly will bring out your skin’s natural radiance. It helps you stay hydrated, gives you more energy, and the iron in it can give you glowing skin. Also, it strengthens your hair follicles and gives them the nutrition they require.

5) Useful for Blood Pressure

  • Want to manage your blood pressure? Sattu should be consumed with water and a pinch of salt. Sattu’s reduced salt content can assist you in controlling your blood pressure and regulating your body’s circulation.

6) Sattu for Weight Gain

  • Can sattu aid in your quest for the ideal body? Yes! You can achieve your ideal weight with the use of sattu for weight increase or sattu for weight loss. Due to its abundance of natural plant-based proteins and healthy carbs, Sattu milkshakes aid in weight gain by promoting muscle growth.

7) Sattu for Diabetes

  • Sattu has a low glycaemic index and helps manage blood sugar levels, making it a healthy and natural treatment for diabetes. This makes it a fantastic choice for those who have diabetes. Consuming cold sattu sherbet will help you maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

8) Improves Bowel Movement and flushes out Toxins

  • Sattu helps the digestive system function properly when consumed on an empty stomach. By enhancing bowel movements and increasing stool frequency, it lessens constipation. Sattu, a natural detoxifying agent, enhances immunity by assisting in the removal of toxic chemicals from the body and intestines.

9) Keeps you Energetic

  • The boost in oxygen delivery to your body throughout the day keeps you energised thanks to the stimulation of an enhanced red blood cell count by the iron in sattu.

How to make Sattu at Home?

After learning about the advantages and applications of our protein powerhouse sattu, the issue of how to create sattu at home naturally arises.

Here is how to go about it. The recipe below yields 1/2 cup of sattu.

To make sattu flour, grind 1 cup of roasted chana dal or gram.  Use the fine powder directly with or without sieving it. Put it in a container that is airtight.

Side Effects of Sattu

Sattu can lead to allergies or other problems if it is drunk excessively. Let’s investigate sattu’s negative impacts.

1) Gas

  • Individuals who have digestive problems need to be aware that eating too much gramme sattu can make their stomachs gassy.

2) Stone

  • The amount of sattu consumed should be monitored by those who have gallbladder stones.

3) Rain

  • Sattu should not be used during the rainy season because its cooling effects are more useful in the summer.

4) Naturally Allergic to chana/gram

  • Those who can’t digest chana or who are allergic to it tend to experience more sattu’s negative effects. Thus, they should not consume sattu.

Summing up on Sattu Benefits

Sattu is renowned for its exceptional cooling effects, for boosting energy levels, and for helping with both weight growth and loss. Moreover, it lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Sattu has several health advantages. However, overuse may result in adverse effects. Avoid using Sattu if these problems arise, and if they persist, see a doctor.

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